Amefmur, in a firm commitment to the transfer of knowledge, has decided to set up the “Forum of Experience” in order to create a space for the exchange of ideas, experiences and to promote projects for the present and future of the Family Business.

We are living in difficult times, derived from the economy that we are experiencing and the necessary change in the production model that has to be carried out as soon as possible. Before this critical situation, a respond from each family business and from the Association itself must be carried out, activating the different resources that are in our hands, and one of them – if not the main one – is the human capital that family businesses and their own Association have.

The training of human capital in the company is the result of training and business experience obtained throughout the active life.
Surprisingly, when human capital acquires its maximum value is the moment when inactive life arrives, and with this inevitable transition there is a risk of throwing away so much learning that should continue to be useful to those who currently have responsibility in the direction of the Family businesses.

Precisely Amefmur wants with the FORUM OF EXPERIENCE to recover all the human capital available in notable members of the Association to refer it to family businesses through the transmission of knowledge and the experience accumulated by them throughout their active lives.



Members of the Forum can be all those associated with Amefmur who are not in active life and others who are and who voluntarily want to share all their business background so that it can be transmitted to family businesses and their leaders in order to contribute to its good governance and proper management.


It is proposed as an operating system:

Semiannual meeting
One coordinator per Session
One speaker per Session
Devote the First Session to select those thematic contents that are the current most strategic for the Family Business today.
Open a shift to exchange experiences on the topic developed.


It is essential that the work carried out by the Forum has a projection on all family businesses. To this end, each semester an Executive Report will be sent to all the Associates to Amefmur with the contributions made in the Forum, analysis and proposals in relation to the thematic issues discussed.


In close relationship with the Presidency and the Directorate of Amefmur, the coordination of the Forum is assumed by Juan Monreal, previously Director of the Family Business Chair and now, as Honorary Director of the Chair, one of his contributions to Amefmur is the coordination of the FORUM OF EXPERIENCE.